Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Pennsylvania Inc. (CAST-PA) is a non-profit professional organization chartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2020. All activities of CAST-PA shall abide by the laws and regulations set forth by Pennsylvania and the United States of America. As a regional chapter of CAST-USA, CAST-PA shall adhere to the Bylaws of CAST-USA while retaining its independence.

: The mission is to establish a platform for its members to connect with one another and exchange knowledge and field development, to assist the members in career advancement in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States, and to promote the traditional Chinese culture and integrate the members into the local community.

The Leadership of CAST-PA consists of three committees.

1. Executive Board (EB, 执委会) is the executive leadership with responsibilities for the development and implementation of the strategic plan and daily activities. The President is the head and the spokesperson of the firm. The Vice Presidents are nominated by the President and approved by BOD with responsibilities for each of the functional areas. 
2. Board of Directors (BOD, 理事会) is the leadership team with the highest authority for legislation and supervision of the firm’s affairs, creation and amendment of the Bylaws, financial policy and audit, and organizational structuring. It consists of the current and the past Presidents responsible for the presidential election of CAST-PA and the presidential nomination of CAST-USA.
3. Advisory Board (AB, 顾问委员会) consists of the members nominated by the President and approved by the BOD to serve as advisors on the long-term development and strategic planning of the organization with five-year term limit.

: A person who resides in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and agrees to adhere to the Bylaws of CAST-PA at the time of the filing of the application may qualify. Upon satisfactory eligibility verification and payment confirmation, a membership card will be issued and distributed. Refer to Membership page for detail.

CAST-PA Leadership:

     Fanglin Zheng, President
      Gaoying Bolinger,  President-elect
      Yang Wang, VP & Secretary General
      Mei Tsui, VP in Community Outreach
      Hesheng Bao, VP in Cultural Exchange
      Huiping Xu, VP in Organizational Development
      Qingqing Fu, VP in Finance & Membership
      Peng Dupre, VP in Public Relations

   Legal Counsel:
       Michael Hooper,  Esq., Partner at Obermayer Law
       Pier Lee, Mrs., Educator & Community Leader
Lisa Wang, Dr., Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
      Lydia Zheng, CPA, CMA, MST in Tax & Accounting
      Xiaoyan Zhang, Dr., Professor & Entrepreneur

Write to [email protected]